xN: a wabi-sabi inspired table

xNewtons, a piece inspired by the japanese culture, the traditional carpentry and joinery and the wabi-sabi philosophy, emphasizes the power and strength of natural materials, taking elements on their purest state as well as highly manufactured ones.

The composition of this piece, narrates the story through which every piece of furniture goes. It starts at the bottom of the pedestal, in its purest and rawest state, a 30 by 30 cm oyamel wood log which makes its way to the top and ends in a perfect shaped circle that is prepared to take a circular marble tabletop in. Finally this is all crowned with a brass turned wedge as a key component to the piece, with more elaborated and complex attributes. The wedge accelerates the natural process of the wood cracking, which allows it to clamp the marble tabletop.

The piece is completed when it is transferred to someone else and that someone prints their energy and intention in a blow, which depending on the strength, will freeze this moment in a functional and unique piece, this is about the moment when nature, vanity, calculation, perfection, imperfection, experience and ingenuity come together in one object.

The name xN (newtons) comes from the force needed to finish the piece, the moment when that energy (xN) is reflected in the piece and turns these components which by themselves are nothing, in a single object ,capturing the permanence and impact of a blow.

The strength (N) to finish the piece will vary according to each person and the physical characteristics of each oyamel pedestal. The type of assembly used for this piece is a reinterpretation of the Japanese assembly wari – kusabi.

This is how, through the blow, a functional and unique object which the person adopting the piece was part of, is obtained.