mob is a Mexican company dedicated to designing and manufacturing high-quality furniture. Each piece created by mob is carefully fabricated with high-level goods and manufacturing techniques. Our materials are obtained from certified vendors to prevent damage to our environment.

This is how trusting in the products’ quality, customers’ purchase is guaranteed with a Guarantee Certificate. The objective of this is to provide support for 1 year, from the date of purchase, on the furniture purchased.

This certificate is valid when our furniture pieces present manufacturing defects, such as assembly details, loose hardware, poorly applied finishes, and sewing details. Nevertheless, this certificate of guarantee will lose its validity when a previous repair has been made, outside of our services; likewise, when the furniture shows damage due to misuse and poor treatment, or due to natural wear and tear of the materials (wood, fabrics, finishes, and metals).
In case of scratches, bumps, patches, or problems with the upholstery we can offer you a repair plan according to the rating of the damage indicated by the authorized staff.

These services will be applicable only when you still have the original purchase note or the Guarantee Certificate.