Furniture care

To optimize the performance of the furniture, we suggest the following precautions:

a) Wood
Wood is a material that is constantly changing. This may expand or contract due to temperature variations and humidity.
For these characteristics it is suggested:
– Do not place hot objects on the surface of the furniture.
– Avoid extreme pressure on the furniture.
– The ideal room temperature is 16 to 24 Co.
– Do not place furniture in direct sunlight, this can cause the color change, wear or cracks.
– Use specialised care products in the woods.
– Never apply on wood acetone, alcohol, solvents, or derivatives.
– Use soft, moist, free of debris that could damage the material flannels.
– The finish carrying the pieces of the collection 5 is a combination of lime oil and natural beeswax, naturally wood will absorb the finish with time and use. Eventually it will be necessary in all cases give extra hands waxed. (Text slope)

b) Fabrics:
Several types of fibers that act according to their characteristics. In any case it is recommended:
– No experience clean tough stains, it is best put in the hands of staff especially lifting.
– Dryclean, foam or neutral detergent.
– For the skin, use pumpkin soap or skin cleanser exclusive.
– Use soft brushes not mistreat fiber fabric or cloth that does not leave residue. – Do not rub the fabric, gently pressure only.
– Do not expose the cabinet to direct sunlight, rain or strong wind.

c) Metals:
Care of metal parts of furniture is recommended:
– Use special products for cleaning metals.
– Never use hard fibers that can scratch the metal, instead wipe with a soft cloth.
– Do not expose the metal to constant moisture to prevent corrosion and oxidation.