In our search for collaborations on “Proyecto Cozumel” we decided to reunite with a great artist and close friend Orfeo Quagliata, who has more than 20 years experience creating impeccable glass meaningful and magic pieces full of tradition. He and his team take the technique, design and love for what they do to unimaginable places.

“We started working together 15 years ago and recently got together in the Comex Color Trends 2017 retreat. We have always found lots of respect for each other’s work and decided to unite strengths for this fun project

The inspiration came by developing a new technique for this pieces; the process itself is very artisanal, so you have to be very careful with every detail when you produce under quantity specifications; you need to make sure everything is done under a high quality and innovation parameters. The experience collaborating with mob has been awesome; it’s the first project that we did since our reunion and I hope to continue sharing endeavors with this great company and with a great friend, I’m really looking forward to keep working with them in the future.

Proyecto Cozumel has brought us lots of fun and a little bit of stress, elements that always help to understand new ways of creating”.