MM01: an active speaker system with tube amplifiers.

This project establishes a new form of collaboration within Mexico where both studios contributed with their expertise and came up with a unique Sound system whose core values rely on handcrafted technology and manufacturing techniques, and of course hi-fi audio reproduction. All this with the aesthetics of one of Mexico ́s most prestigious design studios.

As a first approach, mob’s team spotted a need that was not being covered by any other equipment:
A Sound system that spared all the wires and different individual components to play music with high quality and looked good while at it.

They needed to develop a piece in which all the required technology and components where included, a system that could fit any habitable space without visually or practically altering it.

That is how the search for the perfect collaborator started, it needed to be someone that not only developed hi-fi sound systems but also shared some of mob ́s core values and philosophy: the importance of details and the manufacturing methods.

After further research they stumbled upon Julian Margules’s work, an audio and music and its exact reproduction enthusiast. His firm has been more than 84 years on the national market and all of its projects pursue a clear goal: to play and enjoy music. Today they are the only company that produces and merchandises high-end audio systems in Mexico.

Find more about the design process here.