Déjate Querer.

As part of the project we are developing, where inspiration plays a fundamental role, we seek to collaborate with different artists and artisans to enhance every representative of contemporary Mexican design detail.

We decided to work with Déjate Querer, where the passion for design and craftsmanship is evident; creating exclusive handmade rugs that can transform applications and concepts through their infatuation for the wool felt.

We visited them at their workshop to discuss the processes and the experiences that came within the collaboration.

“This project has been a new and wonderful experience for us. We overcame limits that we thought we have in our production processes; we have created a reliable and hard-working team committed to the project who is very happy doing what they love: to weave. Seeing how a room full of material turns into rugs and every piece comes together is very fulfilling. Working under strict time and production restrictions requires both discipline and organization. It has given us great pleasure to know we are under that track and that our production capacity still does not reach its limit”