mob, mexican based design studio founded in 2001, focuses on the development of furniture and interior design projects, based on the creation of comprehensive concepts.

The constant multidisciplinary collaboration with other studios and companies that share our values, has made us trascend within the Mexican design scene on an international level.

collaborations :

Sociedad AnónimaCherem Serrano ArquitectosSensibilidad AplicadaSama ArquitectosMargulesBi YuuCONANPNacho Rodríguez Bach and Adán Paredes, among others.

mob has released 5 collections of furniture that externalise the aesthetic qualities of everyday life. mob’s last collection started as a manifesto to join, in a more active way, the fair trade market as well as the urge to produce products manufactured with sustainable processes and materials.

Each product has a unique design and personality, mob aims to honor the handcrafts and mexican artisans that devote their lives to maintain and nursetheir traditions, that is the reason why every piece of furniture that resulted from this collection is named after the handcrafters and artisans that were involved in the manufacturing and creative process of the products.

The durability of the materials, the natural finishes and the use of certified woods is what makes a product sustainable, all the chosen materials guarantee a long product life.

mob continues to take on new challenges and finding different niches for development; Such is the case of MM01,  the audio system, a collaborative project with Margules, a studio dedicated to the development of sound equipment with high performance.

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